Strata control is a vital and expensive part of any underground mine or tunnelling operation. It is therefore essential that a quality product is installed correctly.

At Megabolt we have a strong commitment to supporting our products and our customers. Our support staff are all industry professionals with extensive underground experience.

What we offer: 

  • Comprehensive on site testing of Megabolt products
  • Megabolt installation trials
  • Training in all aspects of Megabolt installations
  • Auditing of Megabolt installations


Onsite testing

  • Pull tests to determine the performance of Megabolts in specific site conditions.
    • Either simple pull tests to determine anchor strength or
    • Comprehensive tests conducted to the standards required by the “International Society for Rock Mechanics”
  • Lift-off tests to determine tension applied to torque-tensioned Megabolts
  • Encapsulation tests


Installation trials

  • Trials are an important method of determining the performance of the Megabolts, as well as installation methods and procedures. Safety issues and machinery compatibility are also assessed at this time. Our field staff can give qualified advice on all aspects of installation.



  • Training is performed to national the competency RIIMCU301D – “Conduct specialised strata control operations”
  • We do either classroom training, onsite training underground or a combination of both. All Megabolt field staff have Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.



  • The most important service offered by Megabolt is regular auditing of the installation of Megabolt strata reinforcement products. Strata control is a major safety concern and big expense in an underground operation, so it is vital the mine is getting the highest quality installation.
  • We conduct audits as a free service to all customers
  • A full report is provided for each audit