The name Megabolt is synonymous with the underground coal mining sector. Megabolts strata support products and systems are systematically designed into and used in most longwall mine roof and /or rib support systems in Australasia. 

Whilst Megabolt has a large range of products and systems which have been tried and tested in various geotechnical and strata conditions, we regularly work closely with individual mines, at various stage of the project life cycle to design and implement strata support products and systems that suit the prevailing conditions.

Megabolt products and systems are commonly used right from drift or adit driveage, highwall consolidation, mains development (life of mine), longwall gate roads, longwall bolt ups and specialized projects such as in seam bins, drivehead and transfer point installations and high driveage. Megabolt products are also often used in remedial situations where initial support has been inadequate or there has been a change in the strata conditions.        


Feel free to flip through the catalogue or download the complete PDF. 

Megabolt Coal Product Catalogue